Masterclass 6.2.3 – Imagery in Storytelling

Bicycle, 1890.

Subtext: An image can accomplish a lot of texture and depth, convey tone, provide information, reveal character/speaker, provide immediacy, bear the emotional weight of a poem, story, essay, or more.

How do you write, so a reader can see images, frames and maybe a video in words.
Excavate an image to explore all the various ways it can be used to make a story more resonant, immediate and cohesive.

You will learn about writing in a way that creates a visual narrative in the reader’s mind.
The session will be lecture-style, conducted in a solo manner. Audience/moderation interaction will be limited to Q and A towards the end/introduction.


Speakers are confirmed depending on availibility. All Mastersclass sessions organized by The Bombay Review are conducted by senior MFA Creative Writing Faculty from universities in the US, UK and Australia, with a minimum of 5 years experience. A few professors from Ireland will also be joining at a later stage. At present, no professor is repeated.

Limited Spots
Registrations will close when spots are filled. All interested participants that are left will be put on a waiting list, and will be considered on priority for the next session. (Which will not be the same)

Date and Time

Date: 30th May, 2021
Time: 6:30 PM IST / 9:00 AM EST
Duration: 2 hours (The last session had extended due to other factors, and the primary segment of this one will be tightly packed into the duration itself) Please check the meeting link 30 minutes prior to the session.

Cost | Refund

INR 350
Payment Deadline: 28th May, 2021
This fee is non refundable for no-show, or any other reasons other than cancellation from The Bombay Review itself.

Mode + Details

Via Zoom
Please note: The meeting will be locked once it begins – and late joinees will not be able to attend or claim a refund.
Your sign up should be done from the Zoom ID only, and not any other email ID.

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Payment confirmation will be sent by the Payment portal itself: Instamojo.
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There is no need to email us (The Bombay Review), notifying about the payment or seeking confirmation.

Previous class/speaker reviews: Masterclass 6.2.1 by Tom Paine

  • Upasana: Extremely insightful masterclass. My biggest takeaways were the tactics on how to begin and how to structure a story. I really liked how Prof. Paine also developed a loose story to exemplify his suggestions, and the fact that he added personal anecdotes as well. The biggest endorsement for anything is personal experience, and I thank him for being so candid about his teaching/writing experiences.
  • Soumitra: Taking the resource person in conversation helped contextualise the literary scene. The material that Prof. Paine had prepared for the class was very promising but due to the paucity of time, it was cut short, which was a bummer. Nonetheless, it was a great experience.
  • Moachiba: It was a really informative session. Did not realize how systematic story structure usually is and realized how seamlessly great writers are able to mould their stories while also staying true to the model that Tom proposed. Also loved how Tom delineated the inner workings of the publishing industry.
  • Anveer: It was a great session, the first of its kind I attended in India. So I have to critique. As for Mr. Tom he was very compassionate and considerate I enjoyed learning from him.
  • Adeeba: The session was nice, I am glad the talk got extended beyond the designated time because it was interesting and informative.
  • Archana: It was great and for the first time I felt like I belonged. I loved all the insights Tom gave. Writing is a private dream. The rough structure that Tom spoke off and the recommendations he gave in terms of how to get started were very helpful.
  • Soumya: The session was very insightful. I personally found it helpful and  motivating in so many ways. A big thanks to your team and Tom paine. Only complaint I have is that it felt like we went a little off-track in the beginning of the session(not that I didn’t like the discussion) which probably caused the time crunch or delay at the end.
  • Aakriti: The session was helpful in finding a community of writers as well as the encouragement that Paine’s presence and ideas gave. His point by point presentation on how to write a New Yorker story was indeed a great lesson and a crucial one at that.
  • Varun: I quite enjoyed it, especially how Tom mixed a bit of his own experiences – professional and personal – into it. I also liked the insights he had in terms of the parts of a short story and how to bring about a conceivable end to one without having to do too much.
  • Hargun: I felt ecstatic after the masterclass by Tom Paine. This was my first time hearing about writing (or art in general) in a formal/academic-ish way. I could finally see why people went to uni to learn this stuff – turns out there is a formula for everything.
  • Tanishka: I think Prof. Paine has so much to share – thoughts, experiences, learnings, etc. He’s more than a ‘101 on creative writing’, he explains, narrates, and teaches. Though 101s are the very definition of masterclasses, this felt like it could’ve been more – it was nice to sit down and listen to Prof Paine speak even if it was short and hurried. Great class!Gandhali: The masterclass conducted by Thomas Paine was thought-provoking. The ideation, structure and the anecdotes shared throughout the session were quite interesting. I am glad to have participated. Looking forward to the reading material and upcoming sessions!